"Gift Of Senses" Book

For his new book “Gift Of Senses” the author, Olakunle Adegbile, wanted to promote his book with a graphic novel animation. With the goal of releasing the animation at the same time as the book, our team worked with the author in designing the characters and settings of the story.

Once we finished the animation, the author decided that he wanted Vast Creators to render the book cover as well.

From Still Digital Illustrations To Animated Scenes

Our team of skilled illustrators worked along side our animators to create complex illustration layers that allows the scenes to move seamlessly.

Once all the scenes were approved by the author, our animators brought the illustrations to life!

Check out the video below!

The Book Cover

After finalizing the promo animation, the author wanted us to illustrate and design the book cover as well. For the book cover, Adegbile asked for the illustration to be more realistic.

Working within the author’s guidelines, we redesigned the characters without straying to far from the characters in the animation.  

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