Superior Vegan

Previous Branding

Company Rebranding

Our initial project for Superior Vegan was to design a new website. This was a great opportunity to provide Superior Vegan with the option of rebranding their company. 

With Superior Vegan offering three services, we worked with them to create four brand identities to represent their company and their three products/services.  

New Branding

Product Redesign

After designing their new logos, we shifted our focus to their products. We took their current products, like their L.Y.F.E. Drinks, and redesigned their packaging creating more modernize labels that captures the essence of their products.

Once the label designs were approved we printed the new labels and shipped them to Superior Vegan.

Previous Labeling

New Labeling

Product Photography

Once we had the newly designed products,  we took photos to show their customers a clear image of their products on their website.

Website Development

Our designers then developed a eCommerce website that captures the Superior Vegan spirit.

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